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I love working out with Nancy. Not only is she the best kickboxing instructor, I also worked out with her one on one. Her sessions are educational as well as butt kicking! Thanks Nancy!"

"Nancy is great. I am at my lowest size and weight since 1991 and I've had two kids since then! Best of all, I can do my entire workout at home, so I have no excuses."

"Nancy is sooo patient and positive, yet she works you to the max!!! She knows just how to bring out the best in her clients!"

"There is no way to describe the self empowerment Nancy brings to her clients! You laugh so hard you forget it's work!"

"Lots of motivation and butt-kicking, plus nutritional advice, along with solid training. I'm definitely seeing good results. Warning: whining
has no effect on this trainer."




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         Nancy's work with me over the course of a month was phenomenally helpful (she'd prefer it if I'd just say 'awesome', no doubt, her word of choice).  She was firm without being bossy, precise without being pedantic, and in addition to feeling stronger and healthier almost immediately, I emerged from my training program having a much clearer picture of the relationship between the core work she deems so essential and the need to maintain heart health through aerobic exercise; in addition, her tips on diet and good nutrition helped me (and can  help you) determine your proper caloric intake and identify easy modifications you can make in your diet.   If you don't have the privilege of getting to work with her in person, join her on-line, where she'll teach you what she taught me (and what she divulges so elegantly in her book.)   And by the way, if you've read every diet and exercise book ever written, I'd only say this:  Nancy says that most of what writer's stuff into their books is filler, and so she has intentionally kept her book terse and to the point.  She wants, in her teaching and in her writing,  to keep things simple and not confuse you with a lot of unnecessary 'hot air'.  I can't recommend her highly enough!   (As a further inducement, if you exercise with her online,  she's very funny and charming.) 



   During my time with Nancy, I was able to learn so much about fitness, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and myself. She helped me lose 50 pounds and with the knowledge she gave me I've been able to keep the weight off and continue losing slowly but surely while balancing a crazy social, academic, and family life. Nancy helped me to become more confident not only in myself, but in my life as a performer as well. Seeing as how Nancy has also had a fair share onstage, she was able to build my confidence so that during my years of high school and beyond, I would be able to go out for different roles and not be afraid of constructive criticism or rejection. I've learned to become more sure of myself and to not let those who are trying to pull me down affect my goals and my actions towards achieving those goals.

Because I've learned so much with Nancy, I've also been able to help my peers become more aware of the food they eat and how active they should be in order to maintain good health. I've also been able to help some of my peers become more confident in themselves and to go out for things they wouldn't have normally tried to do if I hadn't instilled the seed of self-assurance needed to put yourself out there in new situations. If it weren't for Nancy and what she taught me, I probably wouldn't have succeeded as much as I did in high school and will continue to succeed in my time at college.



My friend and trainer Nancy makes me laugh, she makes me happy and healthy too. She’s funny and happy when most people are preoccupied deciding a left turn. Energy, lots of it, flows freely from her like a mountain spring and it’s contagious. That energy, boy it’s enough to light a small city, reminds me that there is only now, the time we spend with ourselves is crucial and how we spend it is even more crucial. There can be little distraction; there is no preoccupation with the mundane that is more important than the relationship we have with ourselves. She’s so focused, she takes everything she knows, which is also a lot, and helps the most stupid of people, namely me, understand how my body is built and what it needs.

My body craves to be healthy; it demands that I keep it strong. I’m not a good listener, so it takes someone with special talent and know-how to get through. Nancy keeps it simple until you’re, “ready for the truth”. She gives you just enough to keep you wanting more. Offering an easy regiment of cardio, push-ups and sit-ups. “Every day?” “Yes every day, your body wants it”.  Anyone who knows her, knows she has a special communion with her own body, so I know when she deals with me, she’s not talking to me, she’s talking to my muscles and my heart (physical and emotional), and for this I love her.

I needed to lose some weight for an up coming television show where I play a SWAT member. Well, I couldn’t look like “Papa Smirf” now could I?  Believe me I had put on some weight and if you painted me blue, you’d say the same. So Nancy confidently said she would have me where I wanted to be in 6 weeks. “Shi@#$@#”, I said. Okay, lets see only to prove her wrong. Of course I had to do exactly as she said, which is pretty easy as she is so insistent. Ah, then the phone calls, the checking in to see how I was doing. I felt like shit, "leave me alone" I’d say to her. Well she wouldn’t. She was there helping me through the most difficult of all transitions, my diet.  The first 3 days were hell but Nancy kept me strong and focused, I never did it alone, she was amazing. After the hump, it was all easy and fun, baby. Now if I miss a day of what she prescribed, my body lets me know and I can hear it clearly.

So it’s not so much that she’s a personal trainer with great power and presence, she re-introduced me to my body and my heart, she reminded me of who I was and how I wanted to feel and look, she’s really a match maker to the inner self.

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